Aktuell ist der Update Zyklus von I-MSCP sehr gering, da es eine Vielzahl von Änderungen und Neuerungen gibt. Wir berichten daher nicht über jedes I-MSCP Update sondern nur über umfangreiche Updates.


I-MSCP Update 1.3.15 – aktuellste Version


  • Fixed: Unexpected wide character in 00_nameserver.conf Apache2 conffile, causing memory leak


  • Added: iMSCP::Mount::getMounts() function
  • Added: Missing iMSCP::Config::DESTROY() method
  • Fixed: Could not delete domain due to duplicate mounts (See #IP-1679)
  • Fixed: Don’t attempt to flush() when tied file is readonly or when deffered writing is disabled (iMSCP::Config)
  • Fixed: Recursion must be optional in iMSCP::Mount::umount() (iMSCP::Mount)
  • Removed: Unwanted `nofail‘ option in iMSCP::Bootstrapper library
  • Removed: Unwanted `nofail‘ option in iMSCP::Config library


  • Fixed: `/etc/mtab‘ file not a symlink to `/proc/mounts‘, leading to duplicate mounts (See #IP-1679)
  • Removed: libdata-validate-domain-perl package from package files (provided module version 0.10 is too old)


  • Fixed: Discard forwarded domains from list of shareable mount points
  • Fixed: Unexpected error `VirtualFileSystem: Could not list directory‘ when editing a forwarded domain, alias or subdomain


  • Added: `admin_credentials‘ and `admin_email‘ reconfiguration items
  • Added: iMSCP::Dialog::InputValidation library for ease of user input validation
  • Added: preInstall() and postInstall() methods (autoinstaller::Adapter::AbstractAdapter)
  • Enhancement: Try to guess WAN IP using ipinfo.io Web service
  • Removed: `afterPreBuild‘, `beforeBuild‘ and `beforePostBuild‘ events
  • Renamed: `beforeInstall‘ event to `preInstall` and `afterInstall‘ event to `postInstall`
  • Renamed: `beforePreBuild‘ event to `preBuild‘, and `afterBuild‘ event to `postBuild‘


  • Fixed: Path must be cleaned before use in regexes (HTTPD servers)
  • Fixed: Skip cleanup of custom.conf.tpl, index.html, vlogger.conf.tpl and php-fcgi-starter conffiles (HTTPD servers)


  • Added: Data::Validate::Domain Perl module version 0.14
  • Updated: Capture::Tiny Perl module from version 0.40 to version 0.44
  • Updated: Net::Domain::TLD Perl module from version 1.74 to version 1.75


  • #IP-1679 Duplicate bind mounts leading to un-deletable Web folders (Ubuntu < 16.04)
  • #IP-1680 UTF-8 characters get corrupted on template processing (on web folder skeleton files)


  • New features or minor changes/bugfixes
  • Changes that can affect 3rd-party components (plugins, listener files…)
  • Major changes or important bugfixes


I-MSCP Update 1.3.14


  • Review: Database connection initialization


  • Fixed: Missing shebang in php-fcgi starter scripts, leading to 500 errors (apache_fcgid)


I-MSCP Update 1.3.13


  • Fixed: Strings with code points over 0xFF may not be mapped into in-memory file handles